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How to Choose Your Bicycle Types

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Many kind of bicycle types we can see in the street or every  place surround us. Choosing type of bicycles is depend on our interest, and off course have to suitable with our requirement, especially when we choose type of bicycles based on its function. The person who will use the bicycle is one of the important things to be considered. Bike for Kids off course has a different type than for adult. Bike for Women also has a special type, mountain bike also different with road bike and so on. So, if you wanna chose your bicycle types, this list below can give you information about it.

Bicycle type
               Condition of Use


Designed for kids with bolt-on type wheels.
Includes all models with bolt-on wheels 24" and smaller.
Smaller high-performance bicycles equipped with quick-release wheels are covered under the appropriate "adult" bicycle types.

Condition 0


Kids' tricycle

Pedaled vehicles with three wheels, designed for children


Child's cycle with only a rear wheel, designed to be towed behind an adult's bicycle.

Condition 1


"Drop" handlebar, chain and derailleurs, road caliper brakes, and 700c or 650c wheel diameter with 25c or thinner tires. Also covers belt-drive model, which is a one-speed.
Not designed for carrying loads.
Similar bicycles with different features are listed below.


"Drop" handlebar,  road caliper brakes, 700c  wheel diameter with 25c or thinner tires, and one-speed freewheel (including belt drive) or fixed gear. No derailleurs.
Not designed for carrying loads.

Speed: triathlon or time trial

Similar to a road bicycle, but with aerobar, triathlon, or "bullhorn" handlebar


Similar to a road bicycle, except with direct-pull  brakes and  tires wider than 700x25c.
Designed for self-contained touring: carrying camping equipment or other gear.


Urban road bicycles

Similar to a road bicycle, except with disc brakes and  tires wider than 700x25c.
An urban bicycle with a "flat" handlebar is a City Hybrid Bicycle.
A road bike for urban use but with a one-speed chain drivetrain is covered in the Track Bike section. A road bike with a belt-drive drivetrain is covered in the Road Bike section.

Adult tricycle

Adult pedal vehicle with three wheels


Hybrid bicycle with extended cargo capacity
Includes RIDE+ Transport


Wide handlebar, wide saddle. Although equipped with fat tires similar to a mountain bicycle, cruisers are built for pavement riding only.

Hybrid or Cruiser tandem

Bicycle built for two with flat hybrid or cruiser-type handlebars

RIDE+ pedelec (Electric pedal-assist cycle)

A hybrid, urban, or cargo- type bicycle with an electric motor that assists you when you pedal


"Flat" handlebar  with wheels of the 700c size

Condition 2

City Hybrid bicycle

Hybrid bicycle with accessories for city riding or commuting, such as fenders, rack, lights, or bell


Similar to a road bicycle, except with cantilever or disc brakes and tires wider than 700x25c
With a skilled rider in mind, designed for riding off pavement


Cross country mountain

"Flat" handlebar, direct pull or disc brakes, 1.9" (48mm) or wider tires, and front suspension or light-weight full suspension
Designed for riding on rougher surfaces
 Mountain-type bicycles with bolt-on wheels are kids' bikes

Condition 3


"Flat" handlebar, disc brakes, 1.9" (48mm) or wider tires,
and medium-travel (at least 4 inches/100mm) front and rear suspension.
Designed for riding on rougher surfaces

Condition 4

Freeride, downhill, or hucking

Mountain bicycle with a heavy-duty, reinforced frame and extra-strong parts
Designed for aggressive riding on rougher surfaces

Condition 5

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