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Tips to Maintain Your Mountain Bike

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Bike rider certainly know that cycling is not only a fun activity when driving alone. Cleaning activity after riding is an activity that is no less thrill. Clean bike and well maintained not only made an appearance which is always 'wow', but also will affect the performance of  your bike. Bike is clean and maintained properly will avoid the various diseases that often undermined the bike. The disease most often is the rust on any metal parts of the bike, especially the areas of alloy wheels, spokes of wheels and transmission.

Road bike is easier to maintain when compared to a mountain bike, because the field is quite diverse. One way to treat mountain bike to keep the maximum performance is to always wash it, wash the mountain bikes will make the bike clean from impurities that interfere with performance and optimal performance of our mountain bikes. This washing and care of our bike we often miss, because it takes time, effort and also feels too complicated.

Here are Bicycle4you will share to you some Bike Tips for caring for a mountain bike by washing properly, do a thorough cleaning techniques ranging from saddles to the braking system. With the systematic steps, the whole process of this treatment can do no less than 35-40 minutes.

Here are the steps MTB bike wash properly: 

1. Release all the accessories that are in the handle bar, eg: bells, lights, speedometer etc.. If you use V brakes off the connecting cable by pressing both sides of the calipers. Disconnect the cable v brakes technique is applicable also if you use V brakes on rear wheels. 

2. Rewind your bike, to avoid blisters on the saddle and grips you can use the base that is not too loud and soft for example, we can use the mat with a thickness of 5mm.How to turn your bike properly is standing next to hold the front suspension bike (down tube) and one hand holding the seat post (saddle seat). Then slowly turn up the bike upside down.

3. Removing the front wheel and rear, open front axle fasteners with a locking clip opens if there is, if your bike does not use a clip, you should use the wrench according to the size of the bolts are in use as locking the front axle.To remove the rear wheels, rear axle fasteners loose, pull rearward gear shifting system (RD) just enough so that the rear derailleur on the rear wheel could pull up and apart.

4. Cleaning the drive system (chain, gears, pedals, rear derailleur). Prepare a brush and soapy water. RD Start brushing with wet brush in soapy water, to clean the chain using a soft cloth, dampen the cloth with soapy water by turning the chain around your pedals so the chain rotates the fore. Hold the cloth on your bike chain so that the dirt that is stuck on the last lap. Proceed with cleaning the Crank (the front gear, the pedal arm and pedal) with a brush that was in the wet with soapy water, brush evenly and thoroughly so that all parts of the front drive affected regardless of soapy water and dirt, then wipe with a clean cloth.Clean the sides of the pedals and gear shift with a brush moistened with soapy water, followed by drying with a clean cloth.

5. Clean the bottom of the frame, use a cloth and soapy water. Wipe evenly to all parts of the frame, handle bars (front handlebar), the top tube (top frame), and seatways (rear frame). Do not forget to clean the gear shifting cable and towing brakes.

6. System cleaning the wheels. 

Use a cloth rag and soapy water front and rear wheels, you can use a liquid cleaner dirt that is difficult if there are impurities in the waste, eg using WD-40. Clean the dirt on the axle, wheel hub and a whole including the spokes of a wheel. If you use a disc on the wheel you simply brush thoroughly in all parts of the disc.

7. Checking the Wheel System.

Replace the front and rear wheels, make sure the clip pengenceng premises both wheels attached and can lock the wheels perfectly. Perhaps we find it difficult to put a little back to the rear wheels, rear gear tips inputs between the chain and press down so it can fit in the holder rear wheel perfectly, do it carefully.After all checks wheel mounted wheels both front and rear rocking observe carefully whether or not, if the shake is most likely spokes of a wheel needs to be re sets. You can fix it yourself by using lock wheel spoke or take it to a bicycle repair shop.

8. Check the braking system.
Is one vital part of any bicycle brake, if it can not work properly because our salvation is at stake. To check the front wheel brake stand in front of your bike and hit the brakes the front wheel, then pull the bike forward when the frame and lift the rear wheels means the front wheel brake still works fine, if not immediately replace the front brake is still good.For the rear wheel brake, stand in front of your bike and hit the rear brake, if the front wheel between your legs raised likely between the rear brakes still work well, if not immediately check and replace the brake with a new one.Both tips for checking the braking system can be applied both brakes with V brake or Disc brake with. Check all of the cables or brake fluid (brake dish with oil).

9. Lubricants.

Tip to lubricate critical parts of your mountain bike is the chain, shifters, drive system front and rear wheels (FD-RD), lever and arm.Use a good lubricant should not use used oil, use a special lubricant for chains, many in the market is the lubricant for chain 2 wheel motorized vehicles.

Well, already completed treatment for stage processions your favorite bike. Bike is clean and well maintained course will provide comfort to the rider and will certainly add more confident when ride in the street. Let's ride your bike ..!

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