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Cycle of Life

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Life is like riding on a bicycle, always moving in a dynamic start from point zero. Beginning with the first strokes and paddling continuously without stopping, until it reaches the destination that has been targeted.

On the bike, heart, mind and all the energy and the ambition we are reconciled, in order to move in harmony with each other, along with art strokes we can possibly play.

We muster the ability, also still keep a balance with the target to go up and down journey through all odds. We will learn firmly to keep taking a walk in a peaceful purposes, and as high as any seterjal peaks to climb.

The highest peak when we passed, we start paddling to the derivative sharp, full bend too slippery to maintain a balance must be improved in order to live no longer excessive.

We trained on the bike wise, when to brake and when to loosen the pressure yourself. Keeping a balance so that all under control until he fell down. If any fall should not mean giving up, not even then we should stop, because stopping in the middle of the road is not an option they are sure to continue to ride my race to win the future.

Pedaling, braking, keep the balance up to put the targets and practicing never give up, that is the essence of a patience.

God be with people who try not upset with them full of doubts. Doubt is never true for the cyclists. God give strength to those who believe in taking a variety of trips we continue to strengthen ourselves to continue to strengthen strokes in fatigue.

To win the future then stop talkative, full of theories postulated. Just make a theory all day on TV, surely you are not going anywhere, not moving anywhere, stay in place with a million dreams are empty.

Life is like cycling do not have many theories.
Just ride your bicycle, then you will get to the destination ..!!

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